HOOD Statement on the Persistent Detention of Belgian Nationals in Yemen

Following up this tragic situation of two people legally entered Yemen for educational purpose. It is unbelievable to think that they came to carry out a terrorist operation while one of them accompanied by his wife. Leave alone, he has been detained while leaving the country after a .. 

Egypt's Brotherhood claims early lead

will face divisive former civil aviation minister Ahmed Shafiq in a presidential run-off. Morsi, from the Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party, is one of thirteen men vying to become president. But the results will not be clear for some time, as major governorates had yet to submit their counts and independent media results showed a former socialist parliamentarian .. 

Yemen marks National Day after deadly bombing

suicide bombing in the centre of the Yemeni capital, saying that it was revenge for increased US drone strikes. Al Jazeera's Jane Ferguson, reporting from Sanaa, says that Tuesday's sombre march was largely scaled down and held in a "secret" location at the air force academy. "This .. 

HOOD: Army Breakup and Law Violation Incites Armed Groups Operations in Yemen *

the right of the detained political opponents or suspects of al Qaeda- links, and the negligence of the State sovereign for the sake of the alleged cooperation in the war on terror and the implementation of foolish policies imposed from abroad results in the misery in our lives and .. 

Armed attack targeted a U.S. military team Hodeidah yemen

West. A security source told «Source Online» Gunmen opened fire on a car he was traveling in three U.S. experts during their exit from the resort of Hodeidah Land tourism towards their work this morning, injuring one of them by shrapnel «glass» in the neck, while .. 

Facebook hits Wall Street, web ponders its fate

But 'friending' started the day worth $38 a share. That's what Facebook set as the initial price when its stock begins trading. It's at the top end of the range analysts were expecting and gives the company a valuation of roughly $104 billion. That stock price will .. 

#Lady Gaga Indonesia concert denied permit by police

This follows police concerns about security, after Islamic groups objected to her show, claiming it was too vulgar. The hardline Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) had threatened to intercept Lady Gaga at the airport and stop her getting off the plane. Indonesia is officially secular but has more Muslims than any other country. It is now unclear whether .. 

أندونيسيا تلغي حفل ليدي غاغا.. ملابسها المثيرة تمنعها من دخول أكبر دولة إسلامية

يونيو المقبل. وقال سود ناسوشان المتحدث باسم الشرطة "لن نصدر إذناً لحفل ليدي غاغا في جاكرتا"، مضيفا "هذا الحفل يجب أن يلغى". وكانت جماعة إسلامية تسمى "جبهة المدافعين عن الإسلام" صعدت من احتجاجاتها في جاكرتا ضد ليدي غاغا. وتعهدت الجبهة باعتراض طريق ليدي غاغا في المطار والتأكد من .. 

New French President Hollande meets Merkel

Drama surrounded Hollande's journey to Berlin, as lightning struck his plane and prompted a return to Paris, CNN affiliate BFM-TV reported. The president switched to another plane and flew again toward Berlin, Hollande spokesman Faouzi Lamdaoui told BFM-TV. As he was sworn in Tuesday, Hollande promised a .. 

Syrian troops 'killed' in Rastan clashes

the army had shelled the town, which they say has been under rebel control since January. Nine people were reportedly killed in the bombardment. "Shells and rockets have been hitting the town since 3am (12:00 GMT) at a rate of one a minute. Rastan has been destroyed," a member of the opposition Free Syrian Army in .. 

Dalai Lama reveals China poison plot

Tibetan women to kill him. When asked about the assassination plot, the Dalai Lama said: "Oh yes. In the hair poisoned and scarf poisoned. So they say they're sick, supposed to seek blessing from me. And my hand touch. That kind of information we received." "I don't .. 

yemen bombed a U.S. drone6 of the killing of al Qaeda militants in the eastern Marib and 4 Hareeb ...

of the Directorate of Hareeb on the borders of the provinces of Marib Shibuya. Before the bombing plane and two cars type Vitara Has Joe Breeze Valley area Obeida resulted in killing 4 militants and injuring others believed al-Qaeda, at a later time. A reporter Mareb .. 

photo of the arena last night! #Lady Gaga

All of those lil monsters! We've come so far... .. 

The "Hood" and dignity condemn killing Fahd quse and the continued executions of the ...

Law claim the lives of innocent people or are wanted outside legal frameworks, citing the grounds Protect U.S. national security!. The two organizations warn the Governments of both Yemen and the United States that such Processes observed increase in intensity in recent times, causing the fall of more Civilians, .. 

'Al-Qaeda' gunmen kill 32 soldiers in Yemen

Suspected al-Qaeda fighters attacked the military posts outside the city of Zinjibar, which they have controlled since May last year, said the official, speaking on condition of anonymity. Four officers were among those killed, he said. A medic in Aden confirmed the toll, adding that 11 .. 

Socialist Francois Hollande wins French presidency

must be respected." Analysts say the vote has wide implications for the whole eurozone. Mr Hollande has vowed to rework a deal on government debt in member countries. Nicolas Sarkozy says Francois Hollande must be respected as the new president Exuberant Hollande supporters have already converged on Place .. 

Samsung Galaxy S III: 6 Human Features

, meaning that the user interface and features on the phone better meet what people really want to do. Until we get a our hands on the thing, we won't know that for sure, but Samsung detailed many of the features meant to make the Galaxy .. 

Facebook on track to go public May 18: WSJ

Wall Street Journal reported on Tuesday. Executives from the social network plan to begin a financial roadshow next week, going to various cities to discuss Facebook's prospects with potential investors before the initial public offering, the newspaper said. The Journal said that if the roadshow .. 

UN monitors continue Syria mission

Hama on Tuesday. The latest UN schedule comes a day after at least 20 people were killed and scores of others injured in two bomb attacks in the northwestern city of Idlib. Groups of angry Syrian people gathered at the scene of the bombings and .. 

Facebook sees slide in revenue ahead of IPO

regulatory filing on Monday that its first quarter net income fell 12 per cent, to $205m, in the three months that ended March 31. It was at $233m a year earlier. Net income attributable to common shareholders fell to $137m from $153m. That amounts to earnings .. 

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