French Muslims 'likely to vote for far left'

Nicolas Sarkozyof the Union for a Popular Movement (UMP). Al Jazeera's Yasmine Ryan spoke with M'hammed Henniche, head of the Union of Muslim Associations of Seine-Saint-Denis (UAM 93) [Fr], about how all the negative attention had affected Muslim voters in the run up to the first .. 

Bin Laden family's deportation from Pakistan delayed

eight children and one grandchild, had originally been due to leave overnight Tuesday. Two of the wives are Saudi nationals and the third is from Yemen. The 9/11 mastermind's family were detained by Pakistani authorities after bin Laden was killed in a US special forces operation .. 

Al-Qaeda fighters forced out' of Yemen town

against fighters in Abyan province five days ago, targeting a group that had attacked a military camp outside the town of Lawdar. On Friday, the military intensified those operations, sending an elite anti-terrorism unit from the capital Sanaa to join the offensive, local officials said. .. 

Yemen: "Supporters of Sharia" warn of an impending American bombing on the albayda ...

-Qaeda and other civil. He warned supporters of Sharia in a statement to them -received a "change" a copy of it - of the possibility "of an American bombing was imminent after he witnessed the atmosphere of the provinces mentioned overflights intense and exaggerated-aircraft" Alqasfh "drone .. 

Deadly blasts reported in Damascus

bombings struck Damascus this morning," state television said on Saturday, adding that preliminary reports suggested the bombers had blown up vehicles packed with explosives. Most of the casualties were civilians in the explosions that targeted the aviation intelligence headquarters and the criminal security headquarters, state television .. 

US and UN demand end to Syria bloodshed

Western nations also stepped up pleas to Russia and China on Monday to end their blockage on UN Security Council action over the Syrian government's deadly assault on protest cities. But Russia showed little sign of that it would change its stance at the meeting, with Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov slamming "risky recipes" which he said .. 

Afghan civilian killings spark public fury

with their lack of oversight of foreign soldiers in the country. "The Wolesi Jirga [parliament] announces that once again Afghans have run out of patience with the arbitrary actions of foreign forces," the parliament said in a statement. The Taliban vowed revenge against the US in a statement posted on their website on Monday .. 

Israeli raids kill child, newlywed youth

statement that the child Ayub Asaliya was killed in an Israeli raid on Sunday morning to the east of Jabalia in northern Gaza, adding that another man was injured in the raid by an Israeli drone. A resistance fighter was killed at the early dawn hours in Zaitun suburb east of Gaza city. Medical .. 

Air strikes in Yemen kill 45

By Mohammed Ghobari and Mohammed Mukhashaf SANAA/ADEN | Sat Mar 10, 2012 12:42pm EST (Reuters) - U.S. drone attacks killed at least 25 al Qaeda-linked fighters including one of their leaders while a Yemeni air force raid killed 20 more in the south, sources said on Saturday, in the biggest airstrikes since Yemen's new .. 

«Supporters of Sharia» U.S. accused of flying to target displaced fleeing Almkhvaj in hot pursuit of ...

«Supporters of Sharia» U.S. accused of flying to target displaced fleeing Almkhvaj in hot pursuit of white because of the security services to them news.php? action=view&id=4850 albaidanews- 17 people killed in air strikes on the valley elongated White News _ Saturday, March 10 - March 2012 time 18:00 - Marib Press - special At least 17 people .. 

Google fixes broken Play Store, flips on someprepaid Wallet

Android content on Thursday. A new version of the Google Play Store is being pushed out over the air to fix an issue that broke links for Motorola users . While the store had always remained in place, it forced users both to contend with broken links and hunt for the app separately. Simultaneously, .. 

Four dead in southYemen blasts, al Qaedablamed

Defence Ministry said, in an attack for which al Qaeda claimed responsibility. Another soldier was killed by one of two blasts aimed at a central security forces building in the southern coastal town of Mukalla, where a March 25 suicide bombing killed at least 26 people. Authorities said they had made several arrests. Militants linked .. 

U.S. Effortsto Implement aComprehensiveStrategy in Yemen

assistance strategy has for years included both a security element focused on counterterrorism activities and a civilian element focused on development activities. In 2009, in response to the increasing economic, social, and political challenges facing Yemen, the U.S. government undertook a comprehensive review of its policy toward Yemen. This review led to a whole- of-government strategy that still includes .. 

Obama welcomes newYemen leader, pushesfor reform, election

the United States would be a steadfast partner and urged him to follow through on promises for a broad national dialogue, political reforms and elections by 2014. "I told President (Abd- Rabbu Mansour) Hadi that the United States will stand with the people of Yemen as they continue their efforts to forge a brighter future .. 

Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi who? Yemen's new president has

Sana'a and staff, Monday 20 February 2012 15.21 GMT Article history Mansour Hadi pictured in 2008, when he was Yemen's vice president. Photograph: Getty Images Yemen's incoming president, Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi, is a long- serving deputy to Ali Abdullah Saleh who has been acting up in the leader's enforced absence over the .. 

Souraptsama presidential candidate compatibility team Abd Rabo Mansour Hadi interfaces above the ...

Of his sons and the spread of poverty and high cost of living in an unprecedented way, but that God wills for this auspicious good of the country and to root out the publishers of sedition and crises and that the country's inherent Moving to a .. 

Q&A: Nir Rosen on Syria's armed opposition

This is the first in a series of interviews he gave to Al Jazeera since his return. Al Jazeera: Who are the armed opposition? Nir Rosen: The formation of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) was declared publicly in the summer of 2011, and has been endorsed by .. 

Gaza's only power station closes

fuel. The closure is believed to be caused by a shortage in fuel being supplied through smuggling tunnels from Egypt. Power cuts, already common, are expected to increase. The station provides around 30-40% of Gaza's electricity. The rest of the electricity used by the territory is .. 

Many killed in Yemen clashes

The Houthis, who draw their name from a tribal leader, had fought government forces for years until an uprising against President Ali Abdullah Saleh last year gave them free rein in Saada province, which borders the world's number one oil-exporter Saudi Arabia. Political upheaval has severely .. 

Egyptians mass in Tahrir to honour uprising

"Down with military rule" and "Revolution until victory, revolution in all of Egypt's streets" were chanted by one group of mainly youths in an area of Tahrir on Wednesday. Sherine Tadros, reporting from Tahrir Square, said: "For a section of people demonstrating here, it's really just .. 

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